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Springflow is the most popular* water distiller in Australasia
at the BEST PRICE!

Removes ALL fluoride and nitrates

Our bodies are two-thirds water. Steam purified/distilled water helps remove toxins and waste from your body, making minerals & vitamins from the food more absorbable. With our distiller you can make your own healthiest, most delicious, pH Neutral bio available drinking water at home for approximately 22c (NZ) a litre! Taste the difference in your Ice Cubes, Coffee & Tea, Pasta, Rice, Steamed Vegetables & Sauces when you use purified water. Why not use distilled or purified water for baby's formula, your pet or Home Brew?

Distilled water is guaranteed free of bacteria and ALL contaminants.

Order a water treatment system to suit you.

Filters and cleaner available for DOVE, Westbend and other brands of distillers.


SPRINGFLOW distillers white or stainless steel. GLASS jug now available seperately.
Stainless steel inside with stainless under lid with 30 day money back guarantee in NZ >> MORE INFO

 From NZ$285  mailorder in New Zealand ($20)

Choose from our range of water filters and purifiers

FROM NZ$175 (incl GST*)

To order: shop online in this website or phone.

 Radiance Dev freephone NZ 0800 40 60 70 or Aust 1800 992 332.

All prices include GST
(*GST of 15% applies only to New Zealand sales)

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